Mayfield Cranial Stabilisation Set – Handrest Bar Set

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Mayfield Cranial Stabilisation Set – Handrest Bar Set

Ref: B1ZX221177 Handrest Bar Set
  • B1ZX221177 Mayfield Cranial Stabilisation - Handrest Bar Set
  • This device is designed to meet EU safety standards, it is lightweight and manufactured from aluminium alloy, this means it is resistant to erosive agents and has a high force bearing capacity.
    This product is mainly used by surgeons during theatre operation that are going for long periods of time, this helps the surgeons become more stable and have more control over the procedures.
  • The Mayfield Cranial Stabilisation System is designed for patient positioning in the prone, supine, and sitting positions. It is used in conjunction with Swivel Adaptors, Skull Clamps or Horseshoe Headrests.
    This Handrest Bar Set can be fully adjusted for maximum comfort for the surgeons during long surgery times.
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    • – Meets EU safety standards.
    • – Manufactured from aluminium alloy.
    • – Resistant to erosive agents.
    • – High force bearing capacity.

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