Patient Warming Technology

Ref: Patient Warming Technology
  • Control Units
    W-500D, 187 x 282 x 87mm, 5.8kg, Dual Channel
    W-300, 187 x 282 x 87mm, 5.4kg, Single Channel
    W-150, 72 x 104 x 26mm, 1.25kg, With Adapter
    W-150T(large), 187 x 282 x 87mm, 4.4kg, With Battery
    W-150T(small), 187 x 168 x 87mm, 2kg, With Battery

    Warming Mattresses
    IM-190MS, 190 x 50 x 3cm(with foam), 4kg, Large Size
    IM-150MS, 150 x 50 x 3cm(with foam), 3.3kg, Medium Size
    IM-120MS, 120 x 50 x 3cm(with foam), 2.25kg, Medium Size
    IM-80MS, 80 x 50 x 3cm(with foam), 1.9kg, Small Size
    IM-190M, 190 x 50cm, 2.75kg, Large Size
    IM-150M, 150 x 50cm, 1.9kg, Medium Size
    IM-120M, 120 x 50cm, 1.75kg, Medium Size
    IM-80M, 80 x 50cm, 1.25kg, Small Size

    IM-190B, 190 x 100cm, 2.3kg, Large Size
    IM-180BAS, 180 x 45cm, 1.1kg, Arm-Shoulder warming
    IM-150BAS, 150 x 45cm, 0.85kg, Arm-Shoulder warming
    IM-180B, 180 x 80cm, 2kg, Large Size
    IM-150B, 150 x 80cm, 1.6kg, Medium Size
    IM-120B, 120 x 80cm, 1.1kg, Medium Size
    IM-85DB, 85 x 55cm(x2), 1.4kg, Small Size
    IM-80B, 80 x 70cm, 0.75kg, Small Size
  • The Medwarm warming systems use state of the art technology and the latest developments in carbon fibre materials and microprocessors to avoid hypothermia in operating theatres, neonatal intensive care departments, maternity wards as well as orthopaedic departments and ambulances through stabilising or raising the peripheral temperature of the patient carrying the risk of hypothermia. This effectively provides a warm and comfortable environment. The Medwarm efficient, professional and safe carbon fibre technology is also X-Ray translucent and can be used throughout operations where X-Ray's are used.
  • Some of the Patient warming technologies are:
    - Adult and paediatric patient warming systems.
    - Neonatal patient warming systems.
    - Transport patient warming systems with a battery.
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    • – Etension cable length, 2.5m.
    • – Pad cable length, 0.5m.
    • – Helps prevent hypothermia in patients.
    • – Provides patient comfort.

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