Transair Static Air Mattress

  • Maximum patient weight 40 stone 254kg
    Product weight 14.5kg
    Fire retardancy BS7177 (crib 5 Composite)
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    The Static Air Mattress which has an upper weight limit of 40 Stone 254kg is self-adjusting and requires no Electrical/Dynamic pump, thus eliminating any servicing or maintenance needs, compared to mattresses of this level of patient care (high/very high risk).

    The advantage the Transair Static Air mattress offers is due to its internal design, which incorporates 4 Longitudinal polyurethane cells with polyether based antimicrobial TPU film MRSA and S Aureus and E Coli resistant coating, covering and supporting the most vulnerable and critical areas from the shoulders to the toes, whilst maintaining head stability.

    These cells are encased below an over-all surface area comprising of a single castellation foam (high density/resilience), with the head and heel sections contoured closer than the body area, allowing a greater “patient area contact” weight redistribution over the total surface area of the mattress and as the body surface area which comes into contact with the foam increases shear stress and friction on the patients skin is reduced.

    Additionally, due to the density and shaped design of the foam (vulnerable areas such as the heels), the interface pressures are immediately lower compared to many Dynamic Systems which have extremely high internal cell pressures. The core of the mattress is a 40kg high density foam which encases the internal longitudinal cells, which are easily accessible and are enclosed within a DARTEX Polyurethane transfer coated coating, which can also be laundered. The Cover is a 2-cornerzipped DARTEX welded double coated Polyurethane incorporating Polycarbonate, with additional side skirts covering the total zip area. The base which is separate to the top cover is a heavy duty non slip polyurethane base incorporating full width carry straps.

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