Arm Retainer – ‘Step’ Type

Ref: AA/008S Arm Retainer
  • AA/008S Arm Retainer 'Step' Type
  • All Teasdale Healthcare Equipment arm/leg retainers and anaesthetic tube holders are manufactured from polycarbonate giving them multiple benefits, they are easy to clean as they are hard plastic, so can just be wiped down.
  • Gel and T-Cosy cover pads for the arm and leg retainers are available, the gel pads have a pocket on the back so the surgeon can easily slip the gel pad onto the retainer. The T-Cosy pad can be easily slipped over the top of the retainer to make it more comfortable for the patients.
    Personalise your Gels.
    you have 4 colours available to choose from:
    - Blue
    - Red
    - Lime Green
    - Orange
    or standard Green for easy departmental identification.
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    • – Shatterproof
    • – No sharp edges
    • – Will not splinter
    • – Flame Resistant
    • – Bespoke sizes upon request

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