Theatre Audit

An Operating Theatre Audit can be requested to examine the current state all of your theatres operating table mattress, positioning aids, pressure relieving gels and metalwork furniture. The audit is carried out by either the Teasdale’s Managing Director or the Sales Manager at a convenient time to suit your timetable (out of hours also available).

The auditor will examine all equipment and complete a full report, detailing the type of equipment and its current status. The report will be coloured coded for your convenience showing items that in good condition and those that need repair or replacement. The report will also indicate those items that are in an intermediate stage.  The report will be sent to you within 48 hours.

Theatre Audits are free of charge therefore some customers prefer a quarterly or six monthly audit carried out so that this can be monitored for you.

To book a Theatre Audit, please contact us on 0161 480 5779 or email

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