Ward audit

Teasdale offers a full auditing service and disposal of mattresses. The audit is carried out by our trained Audit Team who use The Mount Vernon Criteria* . This thorough procedure is outlined below for your reference.

The Fist Test

  • To test the bottoming out, the top of the mattress should beat the level of the tester’s greater trochanter. The cover and foam inner should be complete.
  • Link the fingers of both hands to form a fist. Keeping the elbows straight, lean the body forward and test at six identified points:
    • Both upper and lower corners.
    • Either side of where the sacrum would fit.
  • If the base of the mattress is felt, the mattress has failed.

The Outer Cover

  • Check for any discontinuity which would allow spillages to seep through to the foam i.e. needlestick punctures, orthopaedic pin punctures, tears at the corners etc.
  • Check for excessive staining.
  • Check the cover is the right size for the mattress.

Open or Remove the cover to check if the foam core is:-

  • Wet or stained.
  • Deformed or collapsing.

If the foam fails on any of these points it is removed immediately.

To book an Ward Audit please contact us on 0161 480 5779 or email Sales@teasdaleltd.co.uk

*sited in D. Gray & M. Campbell, A randomised Clinical Trial of Two Types of Foam Mattress, Journal of Tissue Viability 1994: 4(4). 128 – 132

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