Dynamic Operating Table Air Mattress and Pump

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Dynamic Operating Table Air Mattress and Pump

Ref: TT/163 Mentor Dynamic Mattress & Pump
  • TT/163 Mattress and Pump Complete
    (Manufactured to fit any operating table model).
    Replacement component parts are available, please contact us for assistance.
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  • Using this technology developed to prevent pressure ulcers in ICU and community settings, the Mentor Dynamic Operating Table Mattress uses a system of 'active' cells which inflate and deflate in a sequence designed to provide the optimum preservation of circulation during surgery.
  • Patients are at particular risk of pressure ulcers during lengthy procedure and also during any surgery in which the patients circulation is compromised, such as:
    - Vascular
    - Cardiac
    - Gynaecology and Colorectal
    - Maxillo Facial
    - Micro surgery
    We also provide a static foam head section, available for maxillofacial surgery.
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    • – Upper weight limit is 41stone (260kg).
    • – Minimum weight limit is 3stone (19kg).
    • – Range of sizes to fit all operating tables.
    • – Range of sizes to fit all beds.
    • – Category – High Risk.
    • – Unique static/friction mode for use during micro surgery, where no movement is required.
    • – Waterproof, multi-stretch vapour permeable cover.
    • – Half and three quarter lengths available.


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