Anti-Fatigue Gel Mat

Ref: MG/155 Anti-Fatigue Gel Mat
  • TT/155 Helps to eliminate aches and pains in feet, legs and back
    23"(584mm) x 14"(356mm)
  • Mentor Gels are manufactured from an exclusive compounded elastomer Gel, giving high three dimensional memory and support.
    These gel products help prevent pressure on the skin, leading to ulcers and bed sores, which can become worse if not treated correctly.
    This product is mainly used by surgeons, when they have long surgeries to perform, or multiple surgeries in a day, as standing in the same position for a long time can cause pains in the feet, legs and back.
  • Customise your Gels;
    4 colour options are available; Blue, Red, Lime Green and Orange.
    Rear outer skin or standard green for easy departmental identification.
    Screen printing options also available.
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    • – Manufactured to customer specification where required.
    • – Effective pressure redistribution.
    • – Mattress covers made to fit all table models.
    • – Multi-stretch polyurethane gel compound.
    • – High grade outer cover to prevent tearing.
    • – All materials used are latex free.
    • – Superior shock absorption compared to silicone gels, making them ideal for orthopaedics.
    • – CE marked.

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