Buttock/Pelvic Support Gel Cover

Product Code: MG/124
  • The Gel Cover is wrapped around the standard pad for times when pressure relief is needed.

    MG/124 Gel Cover
    11″(279mm) x 13″(330mm) x 0.25″(6.3mm)
    For use in conjunction with Anti Static Pad.

  • Inner polyurethane gel compound with a 3 link multi-stetch additive.

    Outer polyurethane 14thou cover to prevent tearing while giving optimal pressure relief.

    Fire Retardancy: Crib 5, Ignition Source 0

    Cleaning : Clean with 0.1% Hypo Chlorite solution and warm water, ensure the product is dried
    thoroughly prior to use.
    Medical wipes can also be used.

  • Wrap the Gel Pad around the standard pad, securing with the Velcro strips.

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