Supine Gel Headrest

Product Code: MG/142
  • A pressure relieving gel headrest ideal for eye surgery and other lengthy procedures while the patient is in the supine position.
    The design of this head rest gives overall relief and comfort for the head and neck.

    Size: 11″ (280mm) x 9″ (229mm) x 3″ (76mm)

  • Inner polyurethane gel compound with a 3 link multi-stetch additive.

    Outer polyurethane 14thou cover to prevent tearing while giving optimal pressure relief

    Fire Retardancy: Crib 5, Ignition Source 0

    Cleaning : Clean with 0.1% Hypo Chlorite solution and warm water, ensure the product is dried
    thoroughly prior to use.
    Medical wipes can also be used.

  • Place the Gel Headrest under the patients head while in the supine position, ensuring their head fits snuggly into the head recess.

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