Mentor PROfile

  • The Karomed Mentor PROfile Very High Risk Mattress has been designed to incorporate all the qualities and features of a Very High Risk static mattress, which has the benefits of high frequency welded seams, a castellated surface, firmed edges and a base core of high density foam. The base cover, like all Karomed’s range, has a non-slip surface and side skirts manufactured to provide an extra layer of protection against any ingress of fluids which may penetrate through any side of the mattress. The cover is manufactured with a multi-stretch DARTEX premium fabric.
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    • Castellated foam removable insert
    • DARTEX cover with full high frequency welded seams
    • Toughened PU non slip base
    • Firm side walls
    • Double barrier for increased infection control on mattress side walls
    • Maximum patient weight of 247kg (39 stone)
    • No turn
    • Available in Crib7at additional cost


    • Provides instant reduced interface pressures on vulnerable areas such as heels
    • Reduces risk of fluid ingress and conforms to infection prevention requirements
    • Provides patient stability and aids transfer to and from the mattress
    • Both the top cover and base cover overlap, creating an additional barrier of PU protecting the inner foam
    • Reduces manual handling strain

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