Transair Dynamic Alternating Cushion

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Transair Dynamic Alternating Cushion

Ref: PPS250 Transair Dynamic Alternating Cushion
  • PPS250 Standard - 17" x 17" x 4.5"
    PPS250 Low Profile Cushion - 17" x 17" x 2.5"
    PPS250/BARI Bariatric - Bariatric version available.
  • A Dynamic cushion operating with an independent pump using a combination of high density foam and alternating air cells across the whole support surface, which significantly reduces interface pressure whilst providing patient stability and comfort.
  • Some benefits of this cushion are:
    - Checks and automatically re-adjusts to the patients weight and movement, there is no need for manual adjustment.
    - Added stability and comfort.
    - Meets infection control standards.
    - Ensures correct clinical contact in all sitting positions when compared to dynamic cushions incorporating fewer cells in the foam casting.
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    • – Microprocessor adjusts to patients weight and movement.
    • – High density foam in the base of each cell.
    • – Multi-stretch, waterproof and vapour permeable cover.
    • – Non-slip base and securing straps.
    • – Concealed zip.
    • – Visual alarm and low pressure indicator.
    • – Alternating cells across the whole support surface significantly reduces interface pressure.
    • – Bespoke service for special sizes.
    • – Maximum patient weight of 190.5kg (30stone).
    • – Bariatric version available up to 317.5kg (50stone).

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