Transfusion Stand – Double Hooks

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Transfusion Stand – Double Hooks

Ref: TM/117 Transfusion Stand
  • TM/117H/DH Transfusion Stand - double hooks (Heavy)
    TM/117L/DH Transfusion Stand - double hooks (Light)
  • All Metalwork Furniture is manufactured from high grade medical stainless steel and a full range of furniture can be manufactured including bespoke items upon request.
    This product is used for hanging intravenous drips for the patient during and after surgery.
  • Transfusion Stands are manufactured from high grade stainless steel, that includes the height adjustment screw. The adjustable height ranges from 1350mm to 2140mm, the transfusion stand come in two different weights, heavy(9 kilo approx) and light(4 kilo approx).
    All Teasdale Healthcare Equipment transfusion stands come with a 5 leg base and anti static twin wheel castors.
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    • – Transfusion Stands are made either Heavy or Light.
    • – Number of hook options.
    • – Standard or Pigtail hooks available.
    • – Storage boxes and shelves can be fitted upon request.

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