Trolley Mattresses

Ref: TT/160 Trolley Mattresses
  • TT/160 Trolley Mattress
    TT/160S Shaped End Trolley Mattress
    (Please state the model of the trolley when you are ordering)
  • Trolley Mattresses are manufactured from high resilient foam interiors, with an anti static neoprene covering or a wipe clean vapour permeable multi-stretch and waterproof polyurethane fabric.
  • All Trolley Mattress models available. Trolley Mattresses can be fixed to the trolley in many ways, such as:
    - Hooks
    - Velcro
    - Non-slip base
    Please provide all of the dimensions (e.g. Length, Width and Height) and whether a hinge is to be required.
    Gel options available.
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    • – Manufactured to your specification where required.
    • – Mattresses made to fit all types/makes of trolley.
    • – All materials are latex free.
    • – All mattresses are X-Ray translucent.
    • – Non-slip base upon request.
    • – Loose cover and inspection zip upon request.
    • – Active trolley mattress available.
    • – Gel options available.

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