Crawford Wedge

Product Code: TT/114
  • Originally designed for obstetrics to relieve maternal cardiovascular compromise and fetal stress in the supine position, the Crawford wedge is placed under the hip to tilt the pelvis away from the horizontal and therefore displace the uterus

    TT/114 Crawford Positioning Wedge
    12″(305mm) x 22″(508mm) x 5″(127mm)H

  • Inner: High resilient foam

    Outer: Covered in polyurethane coated nylon which is wipe-clean, multi-stetch and vapour permeable.

    Fire Retardancy : Crib 5, Ignition Source 0 (BS7177)

    Cleaning : 0.1% hypochlorite solution and warm water. Rinse and dry thoroughly before re-use.
    Medical wipes can also be used.

  • For obstetrics/maternity, place the wedge under the pelvic area while patient in in the supine position to tip the pelvic away from horizontal position.

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