Head Ring

Product Code: TT/119, TT/120
  • The Head Ring is hand made from inner polyurethane foam and outer neoprene covering creating product of longevity and durability. Suited to short time period supine procedures

    TT/119 Adult Head Ring 8″(203mm)OD
    TT/120 Child Head Ring 6″(152mm)OD

  • Inner Foam: polyurethane foam.

    Outer covering: neoprene rubber.

    Fire Retardancy: Crib 5, Ignition Source 0

    Cleaning : Clean with 0.1% Hypo Chlorite solution and warm water, ensure the product is dried
    thoroughly prior to use.

  • select the appropriate size Head Ring for the patient.

    Place under the back of the head, while in a supine position, for stability.

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