Anti static Theatre Pillow

Product Code: TT/136
  • A theatre pillow which is comfortable, wipe-clean and welded seams.

    TT/136 Other colours available upon request.

  • Hypo-allergenic inner fibre pillow

    Outer polyurethane, wipe-clean, multi-stretch covering with breather.

    Fire Retardancy: Crib 5, Ignition source 0 to BS7177

    Cleaning: 1,000 ppm diluted or 0.1% hypochlorite solution (to be used in conjunction with local infection control guidelines).

    Infection Control: All seams are sealed (without stitching) for infection control purposes.

  • Place the pillow under the patients head as necessary.

    Can be used to support other areas of the body, such as, under or between the knees.

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