‘D’ Pillow

Product Code: TT/115 - TT/118
  • A versatile D Shaped Pillow that can be used in various ways to support patient positioning

    TT/115 12” (305mm) L x 6” (152mm) x 3” (76mm) H
    TT/116 15” (381mm) L x 6” (152mm) x 3” (76mm) H
    TT/117 19” (483mm) L x 6” (152mm) x 3” (76mm) H
    TT/118 22” (559mm) L x 6” (152mm) x 3” (76mm) H

  • Inner: high resilience foam

    Covering: highly durable neoprene coating.

    Fire Retardancy : Crib 5, Ignition Source 0 (BS7177)

    Cleaning : 0.1% hypochlorite solution and warm water. Rinse and dry thoroughly before re-use.
    Medical wipes can also be used.

  • Place the D Pillow under the patient in an area that is necessary for patient positioning.

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