Evacuated Bead Support: Full Body

Product Code: TB/001A & TB/001B
  • Evacuated Bead Support for the full body offers an easy to use device for stabilising the patient while in the supine or lateral position.

    This product also comes with the option of refurbishment whereby beads can be ‘topped up’, the outer cover replaced or tubing and valves replaced where necessary.

    TB/001A Full Body Evac 73″(1854mm) x 26″(660mm)
    TB/001B Full Body Evac 73″(1854mm) x 34″(854mm)

  • Inner beads : Polystyrene

    Inner cover : Cotton

    Outer cover : Polyurethane which is wipe clean and waterproof

    Tubing & Valve : Polyurethane

    Fire Retardancy: Crib 5, Ignition source 0 to BS7177

    Cleaning: 1,000 ppm diluted or 0.1% hypochlorite solution (to be used in conjunction with local infection control guidelines).

  • Place the Evacuated Bead Support on the operating table.

    Place the patient on top of the support in the desired position.

    Arrange the bead around the patient to that they will be supported sufficiently.

    Ensure that the valve is ‘open’ and attached a suction machine to the valve and evacuated the air from the support, until the support feels solid.

    Ensure the patient is stable.

    After Use: Open the valve to let the air back into the support. Shaking the support will help the air back in, but is not necessary.

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