Evacuated Bead Supports – Head Pillow

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Evacuated Bead Supports – Head Pillow

Ref: TB/005 Evacuated Bead Support - Head Pillow
  • TB/005 Evac Head Pillow
    14"(356mm)L x 16"(406mm)W
  • This product is used in many different ways, it stops the patient from moving around when for example they are, in recovery, being air lifted to a hospital, or have been told they have to stay as still as possible. The way they do this is by, laying the patient onto the Evacuated Bead Support. Once the patient is in the correct position, the surgeon or paramedic will use a machine to pull all the air out of the Evacuated Bead Support, allowing it to become secure around the patients body and helps keep the patient in one position.
  • Evacuated Bead Supports can be manufactured to any shape, size and thickness, please contact us for a quotation for special requirements.
    We also offer repair and re-beading service, the price is set upon request.
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    • – Inner lining prevents pump blockages and bead spillage.
    • – New heavy duty lightweight materials.
    • – Welded seams to prevent contamination.
    • – Wipe clean Waterproof outer cover.
    • – Repair service available.
    • – Angled connector.
    • – MRSA resistant cover (Log2)
    • – Custom made sizes available on request.

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