Flat Slide Sheets (With Handles)

Ref: TS/202 Slide Sheet (with handles)
  • TS/202 Standard - 700mm x 2000mm
    TS/202 Long - 900mm x 1500mm
    TS/202 Wide - 900mm x 2000mm
    (Please state which size is required when ordering).
  • Teasdale Healthcare Equipment's Slide Sheets are produced from silicone coated nylon fabric with an anti-bacterial finish on both sides to provide a long lasting low friction required for safe patient handling. The fabric is sewn into a continuous tube providing strength, durability, and efficient repositioning.
    Flat slide sheets should be used in pairs so that one surface slides against the other. The excellent sliding capability removes the effects of friction and offers a versatile and flexible tool in the safe repositioning of patients. The inclusion of handles on our flat slide sheets allows an easier grasp of the sheets, but they are used in the same way.
  • How to use:
    Make sure that the sheet is large enough for the patient, covering head to feet.
    Ensure that the inner slippy surface is on the inside, not outside.
    Insert the sheets either by rolling the patient side to side or top to bottom, or by unrolling the sheet directly beneath the patient.
    Removal of the sheet can be achieved by turning the outer corners in on themselves and peeling out the sheet using alternate arm movements. This ‘peels’ the sheet out without creating shearing.
    If 2 sheets are used, always remove the bottom one first.

    Wash with detergent or soap at 74’C
    Air dry in a warm room or tumble dry on a low heat
    Do not use bleach
    Do not iron
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    • – Designed for sliding and repositioning.
    • – Low friction material.
    • – Enables independent or assisted sliding movement in one or more directions.

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