Mentor Flotation Cushion (Flat)

Product Code: MEN/600 (S/B/C)
  • A flotation gel system encapsulated within high density foam. The cushions unique 4 compartment fluid system ensures an even flow throughout the cushion to react to movement, creates even pressure relief and encourages a neutral, even seating position.

    Risk rating: High Risk

    Can be provided as standard, Slender or Bariatric in sizes from 17″ x 17″ to 24″ x 24″

  • Foam: Inner high resilience foam.

    Gel: Silicone Gel contained within a polyurethane, 4 sectioned compartment.

    Cover : Can be machine washed to 70 degrees and a cool tumble dry

    Fire Retardancy: Crib 5, Ignition source 0

    Cleaning: Cover – can be washed up to 70 degrees and placed in a cool tumble dry
    inner – to be kept dry

  • Place the cushion on the appropriate sized chair or wheelchair, ensuring the print is facing upwards.

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