One way lock slidesheet

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  • The one-way lock slide sheet is designed for use on a chair to prevent patients from slipping forward or slumping in the seat.

    How to use:
    Before seating the patient, place the one-way lock slide sheet with the arrow pointing to the back of the chair, with the front of the slide sheet hanging slightly over the front of the chair.
    Position the patient so they are seated on top of the one-way lock slide sheet towards the front of the chair.
    Once seated, ask the patient to slide themselves back towards the back of the chair, using the arm rests for support.
    Check that the final position of the patient is correct, with them seated right back in the chair.
    The one-way lock slide sheet will lock into position to prevent the patient from sliding forwards in the chair.

    Risk assessment:
    Before use, a trained carer should make the following checks for any signs of deterioration in line with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations.
    Check that there is no fraying ion the braiding or tapes
    Check for any holes or snagging in the material.
    Check that the service label is still legible.

    Product care:
    Ensure that the Velcro fastenings are closed when not in use to protect the hook part of the Velcro. This will ensure that the Velcro will work effectively, with safe closure. This will also help to prevent snagging of the material.
    Wash the product regularly.
    Never leave on the floor both for hygiene and health and safety reasons.

    Make sure that the Velcro fastening is closed before washing.
    Wash at the temperature specified on the product label.
    Wash using non-biological washing powder and rinse thoroughly.
    Do not iron.
    Do not overheat the product, or dry over a convector heater.

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