Ref: TT/143
  • TT/143 size: 10” x 10” (254mm x 254mm)
    TT/144 size: 12” x 10” (305mm x 254mm)
    TT/145 size: 18” x 10” (457mm x 254mm)
    TT/146 size: 20” x 10” (508mm x 254mm)
    TT/147 size: 10” x 8” (254mm x 203mm)
    TT 148 size: 16” x 8” (406mm x 203mm)
    TT149 size: 20” x 12” (508mm x 305mm)
    TT/150 size: 8” x 7” (203mm x 178mm)
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    Inner medical grade sand. Inner Cover: polyurethan inner cover with welded seams. Outer cover; polyurethane waterproof and latex free.

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