Exeter Hip Support with Accessory Clamp

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Exeter Hip Support with Accessory Clamp

Product Code: TT/425
  • An alternative Hip Support whereby the top prong is fixed in place so that the middle prong only is to be adjusted. Comes with a purpose made accessory clamp to prevent any rotation of the oval shaped upright bar.

    Replacements Pads can be fitted with pressure relieving gel as an option and all pads are easily replaced. Prong clamps and accessory can be purchased separately.
    Fits all operating table models

    TT/425P – Replacement Pads (Pair)
    TT/433 – Top and middle clamps
    TT/461 – Accessory Clamp for UK table
    TT/462 – Accessory Clamp for EU table

  • Metalwork: High grade 306 stainless steel.

    Pad: Inner high resilience foam with bonded cover made from waterproof, multi-stretch polyurethane material.

    Fire Retardancy: Crib 5, Ignition source 0 to BS7177

    Cleaning: 1,000 ppm diluted or 0.1% hypochlorite solution (to be used in conjunction with local infection control guidelines).

    Infection Control: All seams are sealed (without stitching) for infection control purposes.

  • Attach the accessory clamp to the operating table rail ensuring that the clamp provided with the support is used and it is the correct type for the table model.

    Slot the upright bar of the Hip Support into the clamp, position in the appropriate place on the rail and tighten.

    Lay the patient in a lateral position, locate the patients iliac and ensure that the prongs are placed in this position and that the patient is secure, then tighten the prong clamps with the handles provided.

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