Surgeon Chair

Product Code: TT/428
  • Our Surgeons Chairs are manufactured from high medical grade stainless steel and so suitable for all operating theatres.
    The ranges of height adjustment options: spin seat, gas strut and foot gas strut means that you have the option to choose your own requirements. The stool comes with a high quality seat pad and backrest pad.

    Seat pads, backrest pads, feet and castors replacements are available upon request.
    Comes with 3 locking castors as standard.

    Seat size: 13″ (330mm)

    Height range: 22″ – 30″ (559mm – 762mm)

    TT/428 5 Castor Spin Seat Height Adjustment.
    TT/428G 5 Castor Gas Strut Height Adjustment.
    TT/428FG 5 Castor Foot Operated Gas Strut Height Adjustment.

  • Metalwork: High grade 306 stainless steel.

    Pad: Inner high resilience foam with bonded cover made from waterproof, multi-stretch polyurethane material.

    Fire Retardancy: Crib 5, Ignition source 0 to BS7177

    Cleaning: 1,000 ppm diluted or 0.1% hypochlorite solution (to be used in conjunction with local infection control guidelines).

    Infection Control: All seams are sealed (without stitching) for infection control purposes.

  • Place the stool in desired position and lock the 3 locking castors if required.

    Spin Seat: To lower or heighten the stool, stand up from the stool and twist anti-clockwise to heighten and clockwise to lower.

    Gas Strut: To lower or heighten the stool, pull the lever towards to stool sheet which will enable the seat to alter in height.

    Foot Gas Strut: To lower or heighten the stool, sit on the stool and while one foot is on the floor for stability, use the other foot to press again the foot ring to lower or heighten the seat.

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