Surgeon Stool – Gas Strut Height Adjustment

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Surgeon Stool – Gas Strut Height Adjustment

Ref: Surgeon Stool
  • TT/422G 5 Leg With Rubber Feet.
    TT/423G 5 Castors.
    Supplied with three locking castors as standard.
  • All Metalwork Furniture is manufactured from high grade medical stainless steel and a full range of furniture can be manufactured including bespoke items upon request.
    This product is mainly used by surgeons performing long surgeries of if the surgeons need to be at a lower height for the procedure.
  • This product can either come with, rubber feet which stabilise the stool and don't allow movement, or they come with castors, which allows the stool to move freely.
    (3 Castors come with locks as standard)
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    • – Manufactured with a range of height adjustment options.
    • – choice of feet or castors
    • – automatic locking castors and foot rest bar
    • – replacement seat and backrest pads (latex free)
    • – made from high grade inner polyurethane.
    • – weight limit 130kg

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