Transair Overlay

Ref: PPS1001
  • 76” x 35” x 3.5”
    Bespoke sizes available for quantity orders

    A two cell alternating mattress system, which requires no manual setting to a patients weight, with a smooth alternating action which stimulates capillary flow whilst minimising the sense of patient movement. Providing effective pressure redistribution and increased patient comfort.
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    The pressure setting adjusts to the patient’s individual weight.
    Smooth 2-cell alternating system reducing the risk of patients ‘bottoming out’ on the exhausted cells
    Multi-stretch waterproof, vapour permeable cover
    Non slip base with securing straps
    Steel casing plastic coated with poly carbonate sides
    Range of comfort settings for all care scenarios or comfort preferences
    Audible and visual alarm to indicate loss of pressure or power
    CPR and transport functions
    Bespoke service available for special sizes
    Maximum patient weight of 127kg (20 stone)

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