Transfoam Active Hybrid Mattress

Ref: TT/ACT Transfoam Active
  • TT/ACT 76" x 35" x 6"
    Bespoke sizes available for quantity orders.
    Bariatric version available.
  • The Transfoam Active Mattress offers both the benefits of an alternating air system and a High/Very High Risk static mattress. The Transfoam Active Mattress is especially beneficial for long term patients in need of comfort and the additional benefits of an alternating mattress, either in the community, nursing home or acute setting. The pump requires no manual setting to the patients weight.
    The cells between the foam base and top offer advanced microclimate properties and prevent patients lying on deflated cells while not in active mode.
  • Some benefits of this mattress are:
    - Provides greater patient comfort and support.
    - Static mode inflates all cells to maximum setting for patient transfers and additional support for nursing procedures.
    - Offers the flexibility of a static mattress combined with the internal features of a high/very high risk dynamic mattress.
    - Eliminates any risk of incorrect setting should a patient require a sitting or lying position.
    - The pump automatically provides patients with different comfort settings, dependant on the patients weight.
    - The pressure setting adjusts to the patients individual weight.
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    • – Normal, static and CPR functions.
    • – Upper weight limit 260kg (41stone).
    • – Minimum weight limit 19kg (3stone)
    • – Welded seams.
    • – Range of sizes to fit all beds.
    • – High/Very High Risk.
    • – Multi-stretch, waterproof and vapour permeable cover.
    • – Audible and visual alarm.
    • – All inner components individually replaceable.

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